Schools and training

The CERN Accelerator School

The first course on high gradient wake acceleration, organised within the frme work of the CERN Accelerator School in 2014:

The proceedings of the latest school are available online:

They cover all relevant topics in the context of wake acceleration: Simulations, theory of plasma physics, laser physics and present experiments.




The latest course on high gradient wake acceleration 2019:

Published as a CERN blue-report, the school covered in more detail the relevant wake acceleration topics, and includes the state of the art in plasma wake experiments.


For overview about all courses on general topics of accelerator physics at the CERN Acceelrator School follow this link:

Lectures on General Accelerator Physics

The CAS  
CERN Accelerator School:

Joint Universities Accelerator School: 


US-Particle Accelerator School:

The EAAC Workshops

where the International Plasma wake community comes together

see the biennal meetings on Elba island   

EAAC 2019,4th Europ. Advanced Acc. Workshop,

Elba, Italy

  15.-21.09.2019      Link
EAAC 2017, 3rd Europ. Advanced Acc. Workshop,

Elba, Italy

  24.-30.09.2017      Link
EAAC 2015, 2nd Europ. Advanced Acc. Workshop,

Elba, Italy

  14.-18.09.2015      Link
Conferences and related meetings

find a collection of plasma and wake related meetings here


The LPA seminars: ... for wake acceleration and beyond, a useful link to an online seminar on anything about LASERs. (court. Munique university)


The European Physics Society, Plasma Physics Divison:


The EPS conferences: (organised as virtual conference) (Milano)