2017 Eupraxia/European Roadmap

In 2017 out of EuroNNAc2 strategic discussions, the Horizon2020 design study EuPRAXIA was proposed and approved. A description of the 2017 European Roadmap in novel accelerators was published.

Abstract European Roadmap:
The European Network for Novel Accelerators EuroNNAc2 (WP7) is bringing together 54 institutes from Europe and the world. It promotes novel accelerator technologies that can provide orders of magnitude higher accelerating fields and thus have the potential for significantly reduced size and cost and for new applications. This report describes the present European roadmap towards a future generation of novel plasma accelerators with applications in photon science, particle physics, health and other fields, as it has been worked out over the last 4 years. Both the EuPRAXIA and AWAKE collaborations and their strategic importance are described. An outlook to plasma-enhanced or plasma-based linear colliders is given.

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